Gallery of Student Work

Here is some recent work that students have made in my first year production courses and put online. All films are roughly 5-8 minutes and shot on either 16mm or HD.

It Goes On (drama) by Kjell Kvanbeck (MIP2 – featured in the Take 1 Film Festival, a showcase of the best first year student work)

Taco Tuesday (comedy) by Kevin Burns (MIP2)

In the Time of Migration (drama, sci-fi), by John Craighead, sound design by Matt Mulvanny (MIP2)

Stuff the Turkey (comedy) by Joey Wulfsohn (MIP2)

Intervention (drama) by Monica Undicelli (MIP2)

The Price We Pay (drama) and Skin Deep (documentary) by Eli Broomhall (DIP/MIP2)

A.D.D. (a comedy and Tim Burton homage), by Ryan Farmer.  Also selected for the Take 1 Film Festival.

TanTrum (drama) by Jessica Estelle Huggins (MIP2) – She has since expanded on this theme  in a new Black Romance webseries.

An American Legend (comedy) and Peanut Butter and Jelly Nation (documentary) by Jake Karlson (MIP2)

The Wretched Wood and The Successor (both are experimental) by Tanner Gloystein (MIP2)


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