True story:  Back when I was working 80-90 hour weeks at a consulting firm in Washington, D.C., I started telling my assistant that I had client meetings offsite.  Then I would sneak off to one of the many small indie and foreign theaters around Dupont Circle and watch three movies in a row. Depressed and stressed out of my mind, I hunkered down in the audience and looked at the screen for clues that a different kind of life was possible. It was like this poem by Bob Hicock.

I started making films in late 2002, when I produced Chris McCaleb’s first feature film, The Intervention. Hovering over his shoulder for every step of the process, I developed Strong Opinions about what should happen with the film, leading Chris to say “WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO AND MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE, THEN?” and me to say “OKAY, FINE, I WILL.”

Which is to say, I was led into this business by equal parts avoidance, envy, and spite.

I started film school at Columbia College Chicago the next fall (thanks in part to a glowing recommendation from Chris). Since then I have directed dozens of short films and crewed on many others.  My films tend to feature smart, strong, funny women on the verge of making terrible and awkward decisions because they can’t outsmart their own needs – for love, validation, sex, or a little breathing space.

Noteable projects:   [will add synopsis, poster, trailer, screening history, excerpts here]

The Wardrobe (35mm, color, 13.5 minutes, 2010) –

“Go to Sleep” – ACLU Stand Up for Freedom Contest submission.

Vacation (Super16mm,color, 6 minutes, 2006)

Home Cooking (miniDV, color, 9.5 minutes, 2005)

No Strings (miniDV, color, 8.5 minutes, 2004)


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