When people write about my work or invite me/mention me on their podcasts, I try to keep track of it here. I do not like to edit audio of my own voice so a Captain Awkward podcast is unlikely, but I like to be on podcasts that someone else will edit. Don’t be shy!


“Politics & Love,” Up To Date with Steve Kraske, KCUR, February 3, 2020

“Are We In A Golden Age of Awkwardness?” – The Colin McEnroe Show, Connecticut Public Radio, January 10, 2018

Ask A Manager (+ a bonus behind-the-scenes show ) – April 4, 2018. We advise a letter writer who decided to build bridges to the person in the office no one likes and now needs help unbuilding them.

Scriptnotes: The One With Seth Rogen, November 4, 2019. John August mentioned my post “How To Tighten Up Your Game At Work When You’re Depressed” during the segment when he and guest can each name “one cool thing.”

Han and Matt Know It All, September 4, 2017 and again on December 26, 2018 where together with Alison of Ask A Manager we discussed the worst advice column humans of the year.

Fat Like Me – November 22, 2019. Good news, I’m going to be a monthly guest on this show throughout 2020.


Los Angeles Times:

BuzzFeed: “Here’s What It’s Really Like To Be An Internet Advice Columnist,” Rachel Wilkerson Miller, January 8, 2019. A candid roundtable discussion with me (Captain Awkward), Alison from Ask A Manager, Daniel and Nicole from Slate’s Dear Prudence and Care and Feeding, respectively, Ask A Clean Person‘s Jolie Kerr and Harris from Dr. NerdLove about what happens when you ask The Internet to tell you its problems.

Forbes:The Top Ten Writers On Patreon in 2019,” Adam Rowe, June 19, 2019. I’m #9, which is the only time I will ever be on a list ahead of N.K. Jemisin.

Mercury News: “Coronavirus: Why etiquette, not social shaming will get people to wear masks and social distance” , Martha Ross, April 18, 2020

Huffington Post: “The New Generation of Agony Aunts Transforming The Advice Column,” Claire Fallon, November 10, 2015. ”

Guernica:Teaching Engagement, Teaching Awareness: How an inclusive curriculum could be just the disruption American classrooms needs,” by Megan Stielstra. Reprinted in Megan’s 2017 essay collection The Wrong Way To Save Your Life.

Inc.How To Work When You’re Depressed,” Suzanne Lucas, October 11, 2017

New City Reader:Oh Captain, My Captain: Chicago Blog Inspires Worldwide Community of Awkwarders,” Megan Kirby, July 9, 2014



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