I write screenplays, blogs, press releases, proposals, presentations, strongly-worded letters, resumes & cover letters, and short stories.  I frequently perform personal essays at live events like Story Club.

Some representative work:

When My Mom Was An Astronaut (essay, The Archipelago): I was an adopted kid with an overactive imagination and a mystery to solve. I solved it by developing crushes on people who might be my real mom.

Alternate Endings to Hamlet (essay, Story Club Magazine): Once upon a time I met the world’s best cab driver.

Making New Friends At Camp (essay, Story Club Magazine): If you’re telling ghost stories, don’t hand the flashlight to the kid you’ve been bullying. Not if you ever want to pee in safety again.

Cookie Drive (feature screenplay): When family breadwinner Al Jankowski is jailed for insider trading, his wife Paulette and 12-year old daughter Amy must learn how to survive in vastly reduced circumstances. The entrepreneurial Amy joins forces with the local pot dealer to sell massive quantities of Girl Scout Cookies, while Paulette struggles to find work and avoid having to move back in with her overbearing and wealthy mom.

The Platform (short screenplay):  A crowded and difficult commute on a rainy Chicago day is made more difficult by the world’s worst street musician. Fortunately, a stranger in the crowd is ready to show him how it’s done.  Based on a true story, this is about the strange and wonderful things that happen only in cities.

The Best Dog In The World (short story): You know it’s time to leave your boyfriend when you develop an insulting nickname for him in your head.

CaptainAwkward.com (blog): Broke from making films and fascinated with advice columns as a fodder for screenplay ideas, I started my own column in January of 2011 as a way to build an audience for my writing. Since January, the blog has received more than 18,000,000 page views and has a daily readership of around 20,000-30,000. It has spawned a fan forum site and a thriving international community of Meetups. Top posts include:


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